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FonePay Merchant App

  • Pakistan’s first and largest digital lifestyle platform powered by Mastercard.
  • An efficient and effective way to accept payments at your business (physical, online and in-app).
  • To become a FonePay Merchant all you need is to sign-up, link your existing bank account with the FonePay Merchant App and start accepting payment from your customers by scanning the QR Code.
  • You can choose between a printed QR Code for your customers to scan and pay or the FonePay Merchant App which will generate a QR code instead.
  • It will make the buying process for your customers faster, easier and convenient offering them a complete shopping experience.
  • A multi bank app for you and your customer for acceptance and payment.

FonePay Merchant App - Features

  • Manage, review and track your daily sales and get a deeper understanding of your customers buying behavior
  • Manage, review and track your loyalty and rewards program to enhance brand loyalty and customer engagement
  • Issue and accept your branded gift cards to provide your customers with another option to pay with convenience
  • Your customers can easily redeem the points at your stores to help them save more - which means they should also stop in more, buy more and ultimately, spend more
  • We give you the option to use the app on different mediums whether it is in-app, on your website or at your store
  • Easy in-app and website integration allowing you to merge your existing system with FonePay easily
  • Each transaction will be recorded in a web portal for your reference, review and reconciliation
  • Dual reporting will provide you with the details of your existing system and FonePay
  • Vast portfolio of partner banks on the app for you and your customers, helping you increase your business and target market
  • PCI-DSS certification and being a Mastercard partner gives us the ability to keep your sensitive information safe from any kind of leakage or misuse
  • Get started now and tap into millions of FonePay users in just a few steps

Become a FonePay Merchant in Seconds

1. Get the app

Register on FonePay and get a Masterpass QR Code for your Business.

2. Link an account

Add your existing or new account from any participating bank.

3. You're all set

That’s it. The payment will be transferred to your accounts instantly.

Partnering Banks

FonePay Merchants

FonePay Merchant FonePay Merchant

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